San Diego Padres Fernando Tatis Jr. trolls Los Angeles Dodgers Trevor Bauer with one-eyed home run trot – ESPN

The Los Angeles DodgersSan Diego Padres rivalry continues to be must-see baseball.

With one or two eyes, is the question.

In spring training last month, new Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer pitched the first inning mostly with his right eye closed, a training method he said he often uses.

On Saturday, Padres’ star Fernando Tatis Jr. made his feelings known about said method when he homered off Bauer and appeared to cover one of his eyes while he rounded the bases.

But Tatis Jr. didn’t stop there. He homered off Bauer again — this time in the sixth inning, and mimicked Bauer’s Conor McGregor strut after he crossed home plate.

The Padres are going for a series sweep after dropping two of three games to the Dodgers last week. The National League West rivals are expected to be among the best teams in the NL this year.

And the rivalry continues to grow.