Parents flabbergasted Miami school is forbidding teachers to get vaccines – WPLG Local 10

MIAMI – Some parents of students at Centner Academy say they are alarmed after the private school’s co-founder sent an email Monday outlining the school’s policy against COVID-19 vaccines.

“Flabbergasted. I was wondering if it was even illegal,” said one parent, who didn’t want to be identified.

Centner Academy has campuses in Miami’s Design District and Edgewater. School co-founder Leila Centner wrote to parents, without citing any scientific evidence, saying “vaccinated persons may be transmitting something from their bodies that could harm others who aren’t vaccinated — impacting fertility and the development of children.”

An earlier notice to staff and faculty told them to wait until after the school year ends if they want to get a vaccine, and that those who got shots wouldn’t be able to return to school “until clinical trials [on the vaccines] are complete (if a position is still available at that time).”


That made international news.

“It’s more than dangerous,” a parent said. “I am super scared that my kids are going to be brainwashed because they are so young.”

Some parents say they previously complained when the school was not enforcing mask use indoors.

Leila Centner has been openly critical of vaccines on her social media, but parents say that trying to stop teachers from getting a vaccine goes too far.


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