Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers seem all set to pick Mac Jones: Kawakami – The Athletic

Maybe it’s time to think of this from Kyle Shanahan’s point of view, and I could tell during Monday’s pre-draft video call that he wasn’t sure that anybody else is really trying to see it. Maybe it’s time to understand why he needs the No. 3 pick to be all his. Maybe it’s time to realize that Shanahan’s never had his own hand-picked quarterback during his four seasons as 49ers coach and shot-caller.

What’s clear: He’s decided this is the time, trading three first-round picks last month to set himself up to do it. And by all indications, including about five heavy hints in 35 minutes on Monday, Shanahan has decided that Alabama’s Mac Jones is that QB.

If he’s really taking Jones, which seems almost inevitable by now, this is Shanahan’s home-run swing. This is his career-defining move (so far).