Amazons Prime Pantry delivery service is no more

Amazon Prime Pantry, the e-commerce giant’s early foray into grocery delivery, is dead. The company launched Prime Pantry for household items and non-perishable food and snacks back in 2014, giving customers a way to stock up on the heavy items they need for their homes that don’t usually ship for free. Now, it’s gone, shut down for good by Amazon on Wednesday.

A spokesperson told Bloomberg that the thousands of products previously available under the Pantry banner have been folded into Amazon’s main retail site. When Pantry first launched, it allowed Prime members to ship up to 45 pounds’ worth of household essentials in one large box for a $6 flat fee on top of their subscription. In 2018, the company changed the way it works, offering it to buyers as a $5-a-month subscription service for unlimited deliveries. The customers who’ve been paying $5 a month for it apparently received a notification about its shutdown back in December, along with refunds for their subscription.