Glass Artist Handcrafts Octopus-Shaped Wine Decanter With 8 Delicate Tentacles

Octopus Decanter by Josh DeWall

Glass is a relatively common material, but the sculptural works that some artists are creating with it are anything but ordinary. Chicago-based glass artist Josh DeWall is one artist who’s shattering the boundaries of the craft. He creates intricate, nature-inspired sculptures and tableware that showcase his incredible skill. He’s the maker behind this incredible octopus-shaped wine decanter.

The handmade Octopus Decanter captures the beauty of the sea creature, complete with a head, eyes, and eight intricate tentacles with glass suckers. In a video posted on Instagram, DeWall demonstrates how to use the unusual vessel. He pours red wine into the head of the glass octopus, allowing the liquid to flow through its body and tentacles until it arrives at a bowl at the bottom. It can fit an entire bottle of wine within its form, and when you’re ready to pour out a glass, simply hold the decanter by one of its tentacles and tip the liquid out.

This one-of-a-kind piece makes a great conversation starter for dinner parties, but due to its complex shape, you might be wondering how to clean it. DeWall assures that it’s easily done with soap and water, though he adds, “And if it requires more, denatured alcohol and course salt will do the trick.”

Check out DeWall’s Octopus Decanter below and find more of the artist’s impressive glass works on Instagram.

Glass artist Josh DeWall crafted this incredible Octopus Decanter.

When you want a glass of wine,  simply hold the decanter by one of its tentacles and tip the liquid out.

Josh DeWall: Shop| Instagram
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All images via Josh DeWall

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