Funny Guy Photoshops Himself Onto His Fridge’s Screen To Make It Look Like He’s Stuck Inside

There are many ways to deal with boredom, but photographer Saeed Awawdeh’s solution is funnier than most. Known as “Hurt CoPain” on Twitter, he wrote, “My fridge has a screen so sometimes I get bored and photoshop myself to make it look like i’m [sic] in there.” The hilarious images show what appears to be a miniature Awawdeh hanging out inside the fridge.

In one image, Awawdeh photoshopped himself casually sitting on the fridge’s shelf with a  spoon in his hands. He looks as though he’s about to dig into a jar of cream cheese, which is almost the same size as Awawdeh himself. In another image, the comedic photoshop whiz pastes a selfie onto the refrigerator screen, making it look as though he’s trapped inside asking to be let out. Anyone that lives with Awawdeh is sure to giggle each time they go to the fridge for a snack.

Check out Awawdeh’s lighthearted prank below.

Saeed Awawdeh photoshopped himself onto the screen on his refrigerator to make it look like he’s in there.


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h/t: [Laughing Squid]

All images via Saeed Awawdeh.

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