My Travel Skincare Routine

The importance of a travel skincare routine should not be underestimated. It’s not only about looking good, but also about your health and frame of mind when traveling.

Travel skincare routine

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that I specialize in short term train trips around India. As a mum of four kids, one of which has just turned one year old, I can hardly afford longer journeys, whether it’s in India or abroad.

It’s both the question of leaving the kids for extended periods of time and spending from the family budget. Although my trips are always very affordable, there is always the voice at the back of my mind telling me that Adrian needs a new pair of shoes, Ares has an expensive dentist’s appointment, we need a bookcase for the kids’ textbooks, and so on.

But anyway, my trips are shorts, and one of the advantages of going on a short trip is not have to pack much. I can afford to take the very minimum of clothes and gadgets, and the same goes for skincare products. My travel skincare routine is very basic, and If I take something on a trip, it means I really can’t do without.  

So what is my skincare routine when traveling?  Usually, my journey starts in the evening when I reach a train station to catch an overnight train to my destination. Usually, I don’t wear any makeup at the beginning of my trip, so I have no mascara, foundation, or eye shadows to remove in the train.

Not having any makeup on my face when going out is one of India’s liberating impacts on my life. Back in Ukraine, I could never imagine going out without beautifying myself, even if it’s just for a quick visit to the local grocery store. There is a lot of cultural conditioning and social programming the majority of women in Eastern Europe have to deal with in day to day life, and I was no exception.

When I moved to India, I’ve learned to like my looks no matter what. With makeup or not, people around me did find me attractive and it made me rethink my personal values. But even if they didn’t, in my late twenties I finally managed to master the art of disregarding a public opinion in favour of my own emotional comfort.

So with no makeup on my face, all I need in a train before going to sleep is a nice cleanser. Recently I’ve discovered that Korean skin care products are some of the best. I use a Korean water-based cleanser, and it does an excellent job removing all the dirt and sweat. This goes a long way keeping my skin healthy and preventing breakouts and rashes. In India, with its intimidating levels of heat, humidity, and air pollution, a good cleanser is a lifesaver.

When I arrive at my destination, I do my morning skincare procedures either in a hotel room (if it’s a several days’ journey) or in a ladies’ waiting room at a railway station (if it’s a one day trip). First of all, I use a face wash that deeply cleanses the pores of my skin and reduces excess sebum. This is a part of the travel skincare routine you shouldn’t skip. 

When traveling in India, you can hardly do without a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. I use this one.

And of course, god help you if you forget sunblocks! After applying the moisturizer and letting it soak completely, I layer my SPF.

After that, I put on light makeup and go sightseeing, or hiking, or absorbing the vibes of a city’s street life, or whatever activity has been planned for my trip.

In the evening, it’s mandatory to remove makeup before bed. Usually I use either makeup remover, or makeup remover wipes (very convenient when traveling).

oilThat’s it.  As you can see, this travel skincare routine is very affordable, and hardly takes any time and effort. I’ll be glad if you share your thoughts in the comments!