Jodhpur Stepwell – Toorji Ka Jharla

Toorji Ka Jharla, also known as the Jodhpur Stepwell, is undoubtedly one of the most prominent city’s landmarks. Not to be missed when in Jodhpur!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’re probably aware of my fascination with the Indian stepwells. If you’re new here, well, I have a confession to make – I’m extremely fond of stepwells in India! If I make a trip to a particular destination and there is a step well close by, there is no chance I’d miss it.

Well, to be completely honest, there is hardly an architectural form in India that I’m not interested in, but stepwells hold a very special kind of beauty due to their unusual nature and the way they were constructed, not to mention that most of them are also exceedingly decorative.

Historical note

Located within walking distance from the Sardar Market and Ghanta Ghar clock tower in Jodhpur, the Toorji Ka Jharla Stepwell is surrounded by lively cafes, shops and hotels. One of the most visited places It’s hard to believe that until recently the stepwell was buried underground and remained submerged and full of waste for many years.

It’s said to have been built in the first half of the 18th century by the queen-consort of the local maharaja, Abhaj Singh, continuing an ancient tradition of stepwells being built by the royal ladies of the region. Not only they served as places for public gatherings, but it was essential to have a reliable source of water in the arid land.

An interesting fact – the Rajput Princess who commissioned the construction of the   Toorji Ka Jharla Stepwell was originally from Patan in Gujarat, home to the glorious Rani ki Vav (the Queen’s stepwell), one of the most beautiful  stepwells in the whole  of India.

In the process of restoration, the excavations went down over sixty meters to reveal the perfect symmetry of the steps, beautiful stone carvings, intricate sculptures, water spouts, and deities’ altars.

How to find Toorji Ka Jharla (the Jodhpur Stepwell)

The stepwell is only around 400 m from the Sardar Market and Ghanta Ghar clocktower. I would suggest to use the google maps and ask the local to show you the right direction in order to reach it within the shortest possible time. To be honest, I lost my way among the winding streets of this part of Jodhpur with its innumerable hotels and restaurants, but it doesn’t mean that you will, too – bouts of topographical cretinism are something I have to deal with during my trips 🙂

Toorji Ka Jharla (the Jodhpur Stepwell) on google maps

My experience at the Jodhpur Stepwell

I visited Jodhpur in the midst of the Indian summer, and to be honest, it’s the worst time to make a trip anywhere  in Rajasthan. It was doable and I really enjoyed my experiences, but at the same time I had to make sure not to overdo things in order to stay functional 🙂 I wish I went down the diamond-shaped steps of Toorji Ka Jharla and  have a close look at the carvings, but I decided to stay atop and observe the stepwell from above.

There were quite a few kids and teenage boys jumping off the steps and having a swim. With temperatures soaring as high as 45°C and even more (yes, the summer is  Rajasthan, and especially in Jodhpur, is not to be underestimated) it’s no wonder the local kids find the emerald green water of the  step well so tempting 🙂 And to be honest, at that moment I wished I could join them, too. After all, I haven’t been for a good swim since I moved to India. They say you can never unlearn swimming, but after so many years I’m not sure anymore.  

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Toorji Ka Jharla (the Jodhpur Stepwell) photos

JOdhpur Stepwell

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