Who is Anna Redman, the girl behind The Bachelor escort rumors? – New York Post

Bach, please. 

Windy City blow-in Anna Redman is fanning the flames of fury on “The Bachelor.” 

Proving that all is not fair in love and the tug of war for Bachelor Matt James’ heart, Anna, 24, accused fellow contestant Brittany Galvin of allegedly being an escort to wealthy men in Chicago. Brittany, 23, is one of the five women that have been newly added to James’ pool of pretty wannabe paramours. She denied the accusation.

“People have gone out of their way to find me and tell me, ‘Oh, my God, watch out for this girl,’ ” Anna said of Brittany to “Queen” Victoria Larson during Episode 4 on January 25. 

Underscoring her newest rival’s purported penchant for “entertaining men for money,” Anna claimed, “I’d heard rumors that she may be an escort.”

Anna’s eyebrow-raising revelation about Brittany’s alleged 9 to 5 caused an immediate coup in “The Bachelor” house and on social media, too. 

Although we’ll have to wait and see what fate lies ahead for Anna and her loose lips, the blabbering blond bombshell is really just a “small town girl . . . looking for a man who will take her as the open book that she is — the good, the bad and the ugly,” according to her official “Bachelor” bio

Sink your teeth into this series of fun facts about “The Bachelor’s” biggest blabbermouth:

1. She’s from Minnesota. 

Although she’s currently reppin’ Chi-town, Anna is an Owatonna, Minnesota, native. As a kid, the would-be prime time TV star’s parents endearingly nicknamed her “Hollywood,” owing to her affinity for chic scarves and oversized sunglasses.

After spending her teenage years cheerleading for her high school and chilling with friends at the local bowling alley and Applebee’s, Anna attended Loyala University in Maryland. 

2. She’s a copywriter.

While she’s done it all, from working on highway construction in her home state to VIP waitressing at one of Chicago’s hot spots, Anna is now employed as a bona fide copywriter for Rational — a digital marketing consultant agency. “My experience has made me believe that the most persuasive storytelling should lead with key consumer insights while letting culture’s vein pulse through the creative work,” she says in her LinkedIn bio. 

But according to her “Bachelor” profile, Anna’s ultimate professional goal is to write screenplays for Hallmark movies. 

"The Bachelor's" Anna has become a pivotal player in the most recent season.
“The Bachelor’s” Anna has become a pivotal player in the most recent season.

3. She’s a Gemini.

Depending on your personal feelings about Geminis, Anna’s astrological sign can be seen as either a good or bad omen for her and Matt’s (a Sagittarius born Dec. 5, 1991) compatibility. 

Celebrating her 25th trip around the sun this coming May 28, the self-professed “experience junkie” is all about living loud, fast and free. Seeking a perfect energy match for her “Gemini vibes” Anna told ABC she needs someone “who is a match for her intellect but will also always want to keep life fun.”

Letting her wild side preside, the mouth-almighty Anna once convinced a pilot to let her fly the plane over the bluffs of Minnesota for 15 minutes. 

4. She’s a low-key Hannah doppelganger.

Thanks to her sandy blond hair and warm brown eyes, Anna has been dubbed a dead ringer for “The Bachelorette” Season 15’s Hannah Brown

Show host Chris Harrison admitted as much while introducing Matt’s pretty picks in a YouTube video in December. 

“Looks a little bit like Hannah [Brown],” Harrison said of Anna’s resemblance to the “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” alum. “Maybe a Hannah B., Trista Sutter vibe to her.”

Their twinning wasn’t lost on Twitter watchers either: 

5. She’s hip to the sip.

The Chi-town transplant is anything but shy about her love for wine and cocktails. And that’s no shade, because who’s shy about loving a glass or two these days?