PS5 restock: GameStop bundles out of stock, but heres where to look next – TechRadar

PS5 restock on GameStop is now sold out, but the pickings were a bit slim to begin with: the outlet only sold them in one of two pricey bundles – one for the standard console with a pair of games, Sackboy and Spider-Man Ultimate Edition, and another for the Digital Edition with an extra DualSense controller, HD camera, and PlayStation swag. 

This was once again a surprise drop, and just like the last one, was essentially a ‘pre-order’ for consoles that won’t ship or be able to pick up in-store until January 31 at the earliest. This happened in a previous January GameStop PS5 restock, which added another layer of frustration on an already difficult console purchasing season.

Now that the restock is over, there are other online retailers that could get the console in stock next.

Here’s where to to check for PS5 restock:

PS5 restock: why now is better than ever

If you’re reading this, you may have been struggling to buy a PS5 since November, and you aren’t alone: many consumers have tried jumping in online queue after queue to no avail, as the consoles sell out before they get a chance to buy one. It’s not you, it’s low supply and enormous demand for a new generation of consoles after seven years of PS4 and Xbox One.

Even if you don’t end up getting a unit with this restock, we can guarantee more will come – likely within the week. Retailers have quietly continued their push to get more stock in on a regular basis, though as with all the restocks we’ve seen, they tend to come with little notice. This GameStop tweet, then, is a nice change of pace, giving all of us time to prepare.

And best of all, waiting this long means a shorter wait for all the new PS5 games slated to come out over the course of 2021.