Investigator Jack Palladino Dies From Attempted Mugging Injuries – NPR

High-profile private investigator Jack Palladino has died after two men attempted to rob him outside his San Francisco home last Thursday. His death was confirmed by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in San Francisco.

Palladino, 76, was attacked outside his home in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, the Associated Press reported. He had stepped outside to try his new camera when a vehicle pulled up. One individual sprang from the car to try to wrestle the camera from Palladino, who fell and hit his head on the pavement. The vehicle sped off.

Palladino captured photos of the suspects on his camera, which ultimately contributed to the arrest of two suspects. Lawrence Thomas, 24, of Pittsburg, was taken into custody in San Francisco. Twenty-three-year-old Tyjone Flournoy, of San Francisco, was taken into custody the following day in Reno, Nev., according to a San Francisco Police statement.

Thomas and Flournoy were transported to San Francisco County Jail and face charges of attempted robbery, aggravated kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy, false imprisonment, elder abuse and great bodily injury enhancement.

Palladino’s fall resulted in a traumatic head injury. He underwent surgery to stop the bleeding and ultimately was placed on life support Saturday, AP reported.

The private investigator was well known for his work with John DeLorean, Bill Clinton and Courtney Love. He was working one final case before joining his wife and fellow investigator Sandra Sutherland in retirement.