How to order N95 masks for 50 percent off

The Dasheng DTC3X N95 Respirator Mask is SureWay’s flagship PPE offering. The DTC3X received NIOSH Approval Number TC-84A-4329, which means it meets NIOSH’s high-quality N95 certification standards. Finally, it’s recommended by the FDA and CDC and commonly used by frontline healthcare workers in US hospitals while treating patients with airborne diseases. 

However, an N95 mask is only effective if you use it correctly. The more comfortable and form-fitting a mask is, the more likely you are to wear it, and the less likely you are to fumble with it during wear. The DTC3X features soft woven elastic headbands, a pliable fabric for a comfortable fit, an adjustable aluminum alloy nose piece that prevents leakage and eyewear fog, easy breathing resistance, and latex-free construction. This makes the DTC3X more comfortable, breathable, and secure than similar NIOSH-approved N95 masks. On top of that, for every 20 masks sold, SureWay Health donates an N95 mask to a hospital in need, so you can protect yourself, your family, and our brave frontline healthcare workers all at once. 

You can never invest too much in your health, but the SureWay Health offers an N95 mask that’s just as effective as competing models at an affordable price. The SureWay Dasheng DTC3X N95 Respirator Mask is on sale in packs of 20 or more. Buy a pack today and get up to 53% off your order.