Business Insider I’m A Cannabis Trimmer In Pennsylvania — Here’s How I Got My Job

When I joined Green Thumb in June 2019, I knew virtually nothing about cannabis. Previously I’d worked for Sam’s Club for 15 years, 12 of which as a supervisor in the meat section. I wanted to move on, and a former colleague told me about GTI. The long-term career prospects attracted me, and I liked the idea of doing work that can really help people.

Cannabis is a unique industry to work in as it’s still new and has a bad reputation in some circles, so there is an unwanted and undeserved stigma.

I see it as part of my job to “bridge” that stigma, because I’ve seen how medical cannabis can help people. To me it’s very personal, because my mum has an auto-immune disease. I watch her suffer every day, so being able to help her get a medical marijuana card and show her what products to choose is very meaningful for me.

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