TikTok Strengthens Parental Controls

TikTok, the highly popular social media platform, recently introduced new parental control features through “Family Pairing” which allows a parent to link their own TikTok account to their teen’s, where they are able to activate content and privacy features.

According to a blog post from TikTok, parents can now select from a suite of controls, including:
• Search, where parents can choose to search content on their teen’s account,
• Screen time, where parents can observe the amount of time their teen spends on TikTok,
• Restricted mode, where parents can restrict certain types of content from appearing on their teen’s account,
• Comments, where parents decide who can comment on their teen’s account,
• Discoverability, where parents can set their teens account to either private or public,
• Liked videos, where parents can determine whether others can see videos that their teen has liked,
• Direct messages, where parents can restrict or turn off the ability for others to send their teen a direct message.

Source: TikTok